The best way to enjoy a destination as enigmatic and abundant in attractions such as Peru, is through responsible and conscious practices. They will allow you to leave a positive footprint in each place that welcomes you. Here Peru By Bus brings you a guide to the best ecolodges in Peru. 


The Best 3 Ecolodges in Peru

Almost every tourist site in this country has ecological accommodation options that respect the community and the environment, preserving the quality and comfort of its services. Some of the most striking ecolodges in Peru, surrounded by impressive landscapes and natural attractions, are the following:

1. Ecolodge Máncora

This hotel is located on one of the most visited beaches by surfers and tourists who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the middle of nature.

Its owner is a French architect who started his life in Máncora with the bar El Atelier. He built the Ecolodge in 10 months with the help of friends and neighbors. To do this, he used hualtaco wood, cane, bamboo, earth, lime, sawdust and donkey dung. 

This incredible place will leave you amazed by its construction and design. Here you can partake in a wide range of activities such as summer sports, horseback riding, fishing, yoga and relaxing therapies.

2. La Confianza Hotel

Imagine spending the night in cabins built in what was once an important vineyard in the valley of Lunahuaná, while listening to the music of the Cañete river and its surrounding mountains. All of this is possible in La Confianza Hotel!

La Confianza Hotel follows very clear practices of sustainable tourism, such as the exclusive use of biodegradable cleaning products. Similarly, guests are welcome to share this responsibility when spending their nights in the hotel, by learning more about how to lead a balanced life on environmental issues.

Ecolodges in Peru La Confianza Lunahuaná

Among the main activities that take place in La Confianza are the following: walking through the vineyards, enjoying the delicious Peruvian Pisco and practicing adventure sports such as canoeing, rappel, canopy or bicycle. You can also visit the nearby attractions such as the town of Lanahuaná, the complete Incahuasi archaeological site, the Piquecoha lagoon, among many others.

3. Nuestra Tierra Hotel

This ecolodge located on Cusco gives great importance to Andean food. Here visitors can learn about the nutritional value of the cereals and tubers native in the area. You can even taste their different recipes and preparations! The hotel funds supporting projects that strengthen the community and its relationship with the natural environment. You’ll also be close to the different attractions of the area. If you stay at Nuestra Tierra, do not forget to visit the famous market of Pisac, one of the most colorful and impressive markets of Cusco.

4. Eco Amazonia Lodge

Visiting the Amazon is the dream of many. To do it properly, you must generate the least possible negative impact and ensure that its attractions always remain sustainable.

Eco Amazonía Ecolodges in Peru
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The Eco Amazonia Lodge is located on the banks of the Tambopata River, in the city of Puerto Maldonado. It has 50 cabins built with materials from the area. Electric light is limited and water, which comes from the river, is treated; so its consumption must also be done responsibly. Being inside the Tambopata Reserve, you will have many possibilities of seeing animals like giant otters and alligators. During your walks, you will be surrounded by the giant trees that guard the Amazonian forest for hundreds of years.

5. Colca Lodge

Located deep within the Colca Valley, this ecolodge will bring you closer to heaven. Near this hotel you’ll find pre-Inca terraces, hot springs, mountains and a tranquil river. Its design takes inspiration of the ancient buildings of the original habitants of the Colca Valley. The rooms, which could become very cold at night, are heated with a very modern system. It takes advantage of the hot thermal waters nearby.

Colca Lodge Ecolodges in Peru
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The thermal pools are open all the day. You´ll live an unforgettable experience under the starry night immersed in these warm waters. You can also visit to the ruins of Uyo Uyo and the alpaca ranch. There are bicycle and walking tours as well!