Known for high crime rates, South America can seem too dangerous to any solo female traveler. However, knowing a few tips and tricks can make your experience all the more better. And that’s why Peru by Bus is here for you! Here you’ll find general advice for solo female travel in Peru.

Solo Female Travel in Peru

Traveling alone is one of the best experiences a woman can have. You’ll be free to do whatever you want every single day, without following anyone else’s schedule. Solo travel gives you the chance to meet new people, get out of your comfort zone and see things from a different perspective. It is a beautiful but also challenging experience.

If you are woman planning a solo trip to Peru, be ready to listen to warning comments and concerns from your friends and family. You should accept it because they are right. However, don’t scratch this dream off your bucket list so easily! As long as you take precautions, do some research and stay aware of your surroundings, you’ll be fine!

Solo travel is a great opportunity to learn, grow and gives any woman an unbelievable sense of empowerment. So please don’t panic. The following tips for solo female travelers in Peru are all about keeping you safe and out of trouble.

1. Try to ignore street harassment

I can’t believe we still have to talk about this issue in 2018, but here it comes: Machismo is alive and well in Peru. As a solo female traveler, you´ll experience some form of catcalling. They’ll make stupid comments known as piropos (especially if you have blonde hair). As a foreign woman traveling without a man by her side, you might go against the Peruvian male culture. But don’t bother trying to explain them anything. They won’t listen. Don’t let them stop your travel journey.

2. Be solo but sociable

Solo Female Travel 2
It’s always good to have someone watch your back

You are solo traveling, but the truth is that you are never 100% alone. Peru has the coolest backpacker scene, so it’s very easy to connect with people and make friends. Many of this folks will join you between cities, restaurants, and adventures. Hostels are vibrant places to meet other travelers, so skip the fancy hotels if you want a more sociable experience.

3. Taxis and public transport

Female Solo Travel Lima Peru Taxi

Minibusses, also known as colectivos (in Spanish) – another sexual harassment spot.If anyone tries to take advantage of you, don´t be afraid to make a scene in order to ask for the driver, money collecter or your fellow passenger help. To avoid this kind of situation at all, we recommend you not to enter on beat-up and unlicensed/unmarked taxis. To be honest you will feel a lot safer using a taxi app in Lima. Be cautious and don’t mindlessly get into any taxi that you see, even if you have to wait a bit longer.

4. Watch out for bricheros

Let us introduce you the Bricheros. A brichero is a particular type of Peruvian male, known for his fast-charm-talking. The target? Foreign female tourists (gringas as they call). This pseudo-casanovas, play the “being deeply in love” role with the intention of getting free meals, clothes and money. Open your eyes girls!

Never give out too much information—such as where you are staying or where you are going—to a male stranger (or any person in general) no matter how friendly he may seem. And don’t feel bad about lying when you want to get rid of an unwanted admirer. A pretty little lier such as, “I’m meeting my husband here in a few minutes” is totally welcome as a way to discourage unwanted advance. And males will back off if they hear you have a husband, really.

5. Use your common sense: ALWAYS trust your intuition

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember when traveling: learn to trust your instincts and do it always before you trust other people.

Female Solo Travel Lima Peru Streets

Lima, like any 10 million inhabitants city, has safe and not so safe areas. So get to know which are the “hot” places to be avoided. Do not to go out alone when it gets dark. Seriously, listen to your guts: it will barely ever lead you in a wrong direction. If something doesn´t feel right, whether it’s a person, a situation or a location, trust whatever your inner voice is telling you. You cannot imagine how many dangerous situations you can avoid by doing this.

Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and fly away. Solo travel is a great privilege and adventure. It’s traveling on a significant scale – from you, with you, for you. You, go girl!