What better way to relax your body and mind than enjoying a hot spring bath in Nature? Join us on this zen adventure through the Top 3 Hot Springs in Peru.

Why do we love hot springs? Let us count the reasons: spectacular views, medicinal properties, and availability for all people ages.

Thermal baths are perfect for those looking for a leisure holiday, relaxing and healthy. Most people who visit Peru´s hot springs are travelers coming down from the Inca Trail, alternative treks or from Machu Picchu citadel. The goal? To rest after a long walk.

When in Peru let yourself enjoy a hot bath in a impressive environment of abundant vegetation.

The following places seem out of a fantasy. Meet Peru´s best hot spring options for those who want to relax the muscles, energize the bodies and revitalize the soul.

1. Aguas Calientes – The Machu Picchu Hot Springs

The little town of Machu Picchu takes its name Aguas Calientes (Hot Waters) from its thermal baths with medicinal properties. However, most of the time people actually overlook these springs.

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains, you’ll see underground hot sulfur springs bubble up from the rocky ground. The complex has a variety of pools, each with a different temperature. The temperature levels range between 38ºC and 46ºC.  Hot!

These thermal springs come from a natural source of volcanic origin and may have the exact same purpose since the Incas time: to heal. The pool watercolor is an opaque yellow, giving the impression of being dirty. But don´t worry, the sulfur gives it this tonality.

Aguas Calientes is a small village where nothing is far away. From Plaza de Armas and after a 10-minute walk up in the mountain, following the river, you will reach the springs.

Hot Springs in Peru 2

The water chemical composition and temperature provide healing effects, helping in bones diseases, joints, and skin. It helps to release toxins and to level blood pressure.

Aguas Calientes hot springs facilities are basic but useful. You will find dressing rooms, showers (cold water), hygienic services and a small snack bar. What to bring? Bathing suit, towel, sandals and personal cleaning items. The price of the admission ticket is S./10.

The Machu Picchu hot springs are a perfect end to any exhausting trekking journey.

2. Cocalmayo Hot Spring – Crystal clear water

If you want to experience a clear water spring, try Cocalmayo.

The Thermal Baths of Cocalmayo are also not far away from Machu Picchu. Santa Teresa city, where this complex is located is smaller than Aguas Calientes. But you know what? The springs entrance fee is cheaper, the crowds are smaller, and the biggest pool is great.

For access to the baths, there are several alternatives from Cusco – by bus, bicycle, motorcycle, train or 4 × 4 truck.

The thermal complex is built on the slope of a mountain, on the edges of Urubamba river. It has three different sizes pools, and the therapeutic water boils between 40ºC and 44º C. This crystal clear water treats skin ulcers and rheumatism. At the pool’s bottom, you can feel the soft sand in your feet.

Cocalmayo hot springs are fully equipped with restrooms, lockers, soccer fields, camping spots and a coffee bar. The best? Baths are open 24 hours a day. The rate for access costs only S /. 10.

The hot springs of Colcalmayo are a popular destination among tourists who seek a Nature connection and balance.

3. Colca Hot Springs – A world of choices

Thanks to the seismic activity of the region, Colca Canyon area is privileged to have many natural hot springs. From private and luxury offers to public and comfortable options, the only thing you´ll have to do is to choose.

The best private hot springs in Colca are located in Colca Lodge. Here you´ll find a bucolic scenery, sprinkled with four pools. Colca Lodge exclusivity offers clean and well-maintained facilities.

The pools are built a few meters above the river, which gives an incredible view of the property valley and farm. The water is rich in lithium, sulfur or iron.

Colca is also home to public baths for which a small entrance fee is required. Here you can relax with less luxurious amenities but plenty of natural beauty.

Colca´s public springs offer an insight into the local’s life, as Peruvian families and individuals make frequent use of the baths. The Calera (near Chivay), Tambo (near Yanque), and Chacapi (also near Yanque) are some other natural springs you can discover around the area.

Take a break in your exploration to relax in healing hot springs between the green hills of the Andes. Hot springs in Peru are a great way to infuse relaxation in tired bodies. Besides being medicinal, the warm water is just a delight.