Astonishing and beautiful natural sites combined with ancient archaeological remains attract millions of people to the City of Kings every year. Peru By Bus brings you a guide to learn how you can spend the greatest vacations in Lima.

The Best Vacations in Lima

You do not know a real country until you discover its main city. Lima, the ancient capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru, has a lot to offer to visitors. It is one of the largest cities in South America and has a tremendous history behind. However, there are so many things to do here that it can be difficult to choose what activities and places to visit. For that reason, we present you a list with the best experiences you must pursue when visiting the capital of Peru.

1. Witness the sunset by the sea in Larcomar

Vactions in Lima: Larcomar

This shopping center is one of the most popular places for tourists in Lima. Located in Miraflores and built next to the cliff, Larcomar is impressive to watch. It has incredible views of the peaceful ocean and is perfect for spending the afternoon shopping. After checking the mall, you can dine overlooking the sea in one of the many elegant restaurants, go to the movies and finish your night with a drink in one of the bars or clubs.

2. Fly like a bird over Miraflores

Vacations in Lima

Riding a paraglider and flying over the coast of Lima is an experience of “total freedom” that you must live when you are in the capital. The flight, which you take at Malecon de Miraflores and lasts 10 minutes, is done with experienced instructors and all the required safety regulations. Observe and enjoy from the sky the beautiful district of Miraflores, its beaches and the Pacific Ocean, as if you were a coastal bird. It is a sensation that you will never forget.

3. Discover the Historic Centre of Lima

Certainly, the Historic Centre of this great South American city is worth visiting. The history of the city center is huge and very interesting with impressive buildings such as the Government Palace and the Archbishop Palace, which are home to the President and the Archbishop.

Vacations in lima

There are also some great religious structures such as the Basilica Cathedral, Convent of Santo Domingo and the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco. These are all substantial buildings in downtown Lima and are perfect for a journey around the city.

Something that you definitely have to do is visit the Chocomuseo, just next to the Main Square (Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor in Spanish). This chocolate shop organizes workshops and has chocolate tea, chocolate spices and a variety of local specialties. It is guaranteed that you will be full and happy, ready for more tourism.

4. Walk through the Magical Water Circuit

Vacations in Lima

The Reserve Park is a beautiful place to visit during the day but at night it becomes truly magical. Once the sun sets, its famous fountains turn on and truly create a spectacular view. Admission is 4 soles and these beautiful lights are definitely worth seeing.

5. Witness more than 1000 years of History in Pachacamac

Vacations in Lima

The Sanctuary of Pachacamac is located only 30 minutes from Lima, in the Lurin River Valley. This sacred place was the main sanctuary of the central coast of Peru for more than 1000 years.

Pachacamac means “soul of the earth”. The divinity was so powerful that the ancient inhabitants of Peru believed that with a single movement of it head it could cause all kinds of natural catastrophes.

Take some time to explore peacefully the ancient sanctuary and visit its spectacular site museum. From the upper part of Pachacamac you have a privileged view of the sea, the Lurin valley and the Island of San Pedro.

6. Eat, eat and never stop eating

Vacations in Lima: Enjoy the food
Photo: Jorge Gobbi

As everyone knows, the gastronomy of Peru is one of the most sought after and desired in the world. Thousands of people come to the capital to try our ceviche, but they come across the surprise that our cuisine goes beyond our signature dish. They are delighted when they taste our exquisite lomo saltado, papa rellena, aji de gallina o some juicy anticuchos.

Undoubtedly, the secret to the success of Peruvian cuisine lies in the freedom of the chefs to combine ingredients, rescue forgotten aliments for many years and know how to combine them and transform them into delicious dishes.

In Lima, you can find good food for every budget in every corner of the city. You can enjoy restaurants considered among the best in the world such as Maido, Central, Astrid & Gaston or Rafael. On the other hand, the famous “huecos” or “huariques” offer you exquisite culinary alternatives at a low price. After your vacations in lima, start by planning a good diet back home.