Lima, one of the most visited cities in Latin America, awaits you. Here you can enjoy a dream vacation in different ways and with your loved ones. Here Peru By Bus brings you a small guide with things to do in Lima, Peru.

Things to do in Lima, Peru

There is no better city than Lima to spend an incredible trip. In the capital of Peru, the hot season now reigns, so taking advantage of its beaches is part of the plan. Lima is considered among the 5 most visited cities in Latin America, besides being the only one in the region to be on the Top 20 list of the Fastest-Growing Destination Cities, according to a ranking prepared by Mastercard. Therefore, we recommend various places and activities to do in this mythical city.


The historical Lima: discover its history and architecture

Downtown, the Historic Centre of Lima, for example, has places that will surprise you. The greatest example is the Plaza Mayor, where you will see the Government Palace, the Cathedral of Lima and many colonial houses, each with an impressive history behind.

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The historic centre

You can also find iconic buildings along other districts of the city. In Barranco, for example, you will see the Bridge of Sighs (Puente de los Suspiros), symbol of the bohemian and baroque style of this district. In addition, there are numerous vestiges of the ancient pre-colonial cultures. An example is the Huaca Pucllana, the archaeological site located in Miraflores.

Nightlife in Lima: a city full of diversion

Your nights in the city will be among the most fun you’ll experience. The nightlife in Lima is hectic and picturesque, with well-known bars, nightclubs, drinks and music for all tastes. There are three main sectors: Barranco, Miraflores and the Historic Centre of Lima. In the latter, you can walk through Jirón de la Unión or Jirón Quilca to find the bar or disco that most catches your attention. Another option is Miraflores: you can go down Pizza Street to find the best entertainment options. In Barranco, on Nicolás de Piérola, Bolognesi and Grau Avenue you will find different bars and concerts.

Family activities in Lima: enjoy with your loved ones

If you want to spend quiet days with your family, you also have several alternatives. You can visit the protected natural area Pantanos de Villa, in Chorrillos. There, in contact with nature, you will learn about different species of animals and plants. In addition, Cerro San Cristóbal has an excellent viewpoint to appreciate much of the city from the top and with a panoramic perspective.

Things to do in Lima Pantanos de Villa
Pantanos de Villa

Another alternative is the Magical Water Tour (El Circuito Mágico del Agua), located in the Historic Centre. It offers one of the largest water fountain shows in Latin America. You can also visit the Art Museum and learn about the masterful artistic exhibitions of Peruvian talents.

Full days near Lima

The district of Pachacamac is located one hour south of Lima by the Panamericana Sur. There it is possible to find many landscapes and ideal terrains to practice trekking, mountain biking, climbing, paragliding, among many other activities. In addition, you will find museums where you will see the vestiges of the Huari, Chancay, Lima, Chincha and other cultures.

Things to do in Lima Pachacamac
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In the district of Lunahuaná, about three hours from the city center, you will have the opportunity to perform rafting on the winding rivers. Canopy, mountain biking, rappelling and other extreme sports are also good options in this locality. If your goal is trekking and greater contact with nature, head to the Lomas de Lucumo in Pachacamac.

There are so many things to do in Lima that will make your trip unforgettable. Lima is ideal to create new stories and share many activities and visits with your partner, friends or family. It is a city full of history, traditions and places to enjoy the exquisite Peruvian cuisine.