Also known as The Roof of Peru, Huascaran Mountain is a spectacular fraction of the Cordillera Blanca, located in the department of Ancash. PerubyBus brings you a guide to Peru’s tallest mountain.

The Huascaran Peak

Every year, thousands of avid trekkers and backpackers travel to Peru hoping to climb the mighty Huascaran, Peru’s highest mountain. Those who search adventure and challenges in Huascaran highest points will be gifted with a perfect scenery: blue sky, glacial lagoons, speechless landscapes and eternal snow.

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This impressive mountain isn’t just a feast for the eyes: it is also a place that will get your heart pumping! With its highest point reaching  6768 m.s.m Huascaran is a mountain trekker heaven.

How to reach the base of Huascaran

The Huascaran Mountain is located at 408 kilometers north of Lima, within the margins of the Huascaran National Park, a 340,000 hectare protected natural area and one of Peru’s ​UNESCO World Heritage sites. The park is home to animals such as cougars, jaguars, the Peruvian tapir, and there are over 112 registered bird species in this area, most of which are endemic. Climbers typically reach the mountain via Huaraz (the capital of the Ancash department) before traveling to the village of Musho, located to the west of Huascaran.

Huascaran Hike
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Huaraz, the Kathmandu of the Andes, is a small city known for the kindness of its people, the beauty of the environment and the cultural contrast.

You can get there by bus (the most economical option). From Lima, the trip lasts approximately eight hours and the prices can vary between 45 and 100 soles (one way).

Best time to visit Huascaran

Due to its extreme elevations, the weather in Huascaran can change dramatically within a matter of seconds. One minute you can be happily trekking in your light summer clothing, and then the next you are freezing cold. Although it is possible to climb the Cordillera Blanca all year round, the trails can be extremely dangerous in the wet season. The best time to visit Huascaran is between April and October when the weather and the hills are in the best conditions. During these months the climate is favorable for all kind of activities.

Acclimatisation and Hiking

Climbing Huascaran without any help is quite difficult. A good physical preparation and proper adaptation are just some of the main requirements to complete this trek with success.  The hike can cost six to ten days, with the correct guides.

The mountain has two distinct peaks. The higher being the southern one (Huascaran Sur). It has an elevation of 6,768 meters. The northern summit (Huascaran Norte) stands at 6,654 meters. The space between said peaks is known as the “Garganta”. The lower north peak is less crowded and slightly more difficult climb.


– In 1962 a hanging glacier broke from the mountain’s northern flank. In 1970 a similar event damaged nearby towns by an earthquake-triggered snowslide from the mountain.

– Huascaran is located in a park which contains 27 mountains, 663 glaciers, 269 lakes and 41 rivers.

– The summit of Huascaran is the place on Earth with the smallest gravitational force.

Things to do

The most popular thing to do in Huascaran is definitely to trek it’s peaceful and virtually empty mountain trails.

For those of you that prefer to be on wheels, there are also many cool mountain bike trails. The most popular is a five-day circuit that passes the mighty Huascaran Mountain.

Shoutout to all nature, bird watching, and photography lovers. The breathtaking, mighty Huascaran is the perfect location where it all comes together.