Peru is the ideal destination for all tourists with all kinds of tastes. Its wide territory and varied geography provides innumerable destinations: the snowy mountain ranges of the Andes, the paradisiac beaches of the coast and the abundant jungle of the Amazon. Each offer an unparalleled experience for every traveler type. Here Perubybus provides you with several Peru vacation ideas.

Peru Vacation Ideas

Peru for adventurers

Our country, with its lands full of legend and mysticism, is a unique setting for adventure sports. From mountaineering, canoeing, paragliding and surfing to multiple routes for cycling, hiking and trekking, Peru has it all! 

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The famous Inca Trail –an ancient path used by the Incas to reach the citadel of Machu Picchu– is currently considered the most famous trekking route in South America. This circuit, which in its 39 kilometers of route crosses different ecosystems, archaeological sites and places rich in flora and fauna, has a reputation as a real challenge for hikers. However, the reward is well worth the effort: the “Apus”, impressive mountains or “tutelary gods” of the Incas, impose their presence with a mysterious halo, offering an unparalleled spectacle.

Peru Vacation Ideas Huaraz Trek
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Huaraz is another ideal destination for all adventurers looking for places that awaken strong emotions and make them live new experiences. Huaraz has a varied geography that dazzles the eye, such as high snowy peaks, transparent lagoons, picturesque valleys and paths surrounded by vegetation that cross the Andes mountain range. All these settings offer the ideal scenario for extreme sports, such as climbing, trekking, rafting, snowboard, mountain biking and paragliding.

Huascaran National Park Vacation Ideas
Huascaran National Park

The Cordillera Blanca is a perfect setting for all those who seek the most difficult and exciting challenges, climbing mountains and conquering the highest peaks of Peru. Another excellent destination in Huaraz is the Santa Valley (Callejón de Huaylas), that offers a high sporting challenge such as mountaineering, and also provides scenarios of wonderful landscapes in the Huascaran National Park.

Magical destinations to visit as a couple

The romantic beaches of Peru will invite you to fall in love again and again. Imagine watching the sunset beside that special person while riding a horse through the bay or, perhaps, practicing diving by beautiful coral reefs. On the paradisiac beaches of Mancora, with white sand, warm waters, eternal sun, perfect waves and ample entertainment, you can enjoy the best trip as a couple. It is also the ideal point to enjoy the best Peruvian ceviche.

Peru Vacation Ideas Huanchaco
Huanchaco Beach, in Trujillo

After visiting Mancora, it is worth going to Piura, only two hours and 30 minutes away. This city is called the land of eternal summer. It is a real pleasure for its streets illuminated by the sun and adorned with a vast nature. Piura also has an interesting culture and an exquisite gastronomic variety. In addition to Mancora it has several nearby beaches such as Vichayito, Yacila, Colán and Los Órganos.

Peru Vacation Ideas Mancora Beach

Finally, enjoying the beaches of Peru means going to Ica.  The Paracas National Reserve is an excellent destination for its emblematic marine attractions. Do not forget to also follow the Pisco route –in addition to tasting it– to know the history and the production process that exists behind this drink, the most representative of the country.

Hipster style: the unique charm of Iquitos

Peru Vacation Ideas

Iquitos is the perfect destination for those types of travelers with a unique sensibility who prefer an out of the ordinary experience. It allows for several outdoors activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming with pink dolphins and many more activities. You can also meet different species of exotic animals that inhabit the Amazon. This include anacondas, bears, turtles, alligators, as well as a great variety of bird and monkey species. Another option is to visit some of the native groups that inhabit the city.

Peru Vacation Ideas Iquitos Ecolodge
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Iquitos also offers the most unusual and incredible places to spend the night, such as the Tree House Lodge. This radical lodging proposal is located on the edge of the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Communal Reserve. It sits at the confluence of the Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers. The design of its eight cabins is perfect for travelers who want to feel the pulse of nature. Located more than 10 meters high, they have a 360° view and are amazingly equipped. The beds have a mosquito net; the rest of the spaces are open to see the visitors that come: monkeys, sloths, exotic birds and much more! For more ecolodges, check out our article about the best in Peru.

Discover these incredible destinations and fully enjoy your adventure in Peru. You will not regret it!