With more than 2,400 km of coastline, a huge variety of waves, great surf conditions and year-round swells, Peru is one of the best countries in the world to score an epic Peru surf trip!

Peru Surf: the best spots in the country

Points, reefs, beach breaks, long lefts, medium and small size waves, there is excellent surfing to be found all over the country. Both beginners and advanced surfers can find consistent breaks, so no one is left out!

Surfing has become such an important sport in the country that in 2013, the President signed a special law designed to protect the best Peru surf spots.

Many surf spots receive persistent offshore winds, so if you are after good quality waves at any time throughout the year, you can stop looking for it now – Peru is the place!

Best time to surf in Peru

Choose wisely your visit time and expect crowds during July and August (most popular times for foreigns to visit Peru), Christmas, New Year´s and Easter Week (is summer time and Peruvians tend to visit beach towns).

From April to October, during the south swell season, you´ll be surfing around Lima or Trujillo. When the north swell hit the coast, from October to March you´ll want to head up to the northern region.

During spring and fall, short sleeves are fine, although long sleeves will work for the early or late sessions. During winter time a 3/2mm wetsuit is ok.

There are plenty of great surf spots all over the north, central and southern coasts of Peru.

Here is a list of the 3 top surf spots! You’re guaranteed to find a wave that’s perfect for you!

1. Playa Chicama (Puerto Malabrigo) – The never-ending lefts

Located on the northern coast, Chicama is well known for its very long waves. These perfect lefts that peel can measure a mile in length — some of the longest in the world!

Playa Chicama Peru Surf Spot
Photo: @ blog.redbus.pe

These waves are also known for being very fast and frequent, no matter the time of the year. There are a lot of currents though, so it is worth the extra cash to get a boat to give you a ride back to the take-off. Best season to surf? Between the months of March to October.

There are plenty of accommodation options nearby: surf-camps, hostels and even a boutique-spa hotel.

2. San Gallán Island (Paracas)

San Gallán Island, located at Paracas National Reserve, has the best right wave in the country. At Paracas Bay, you will find transportation by boat to the island. The tour lasts almost an hour and a half.

The lowest waves are 1 meter and the highest reach almost 3 meters high. 200 meters length and tubular shape, this wave is cataloged as a 5-star level wave worldwide.

It is recommended for surfers with an intermediate level. The water here is quite cold, so bring a wetsuit. 

3. Lobitos

70 km south of Máncora, Lobitos beach has 4 different points for surfing, offering a wide variety of waves.

Reaching almost 200 meters, this wave has become so popular due to the perfection of its funds, which make it a left with great quality, mechanics, and fun.

Lobitos 4 main peaks

Baterias: This spot is the most exposed to the swell as well as wind. With low tide offers good tubes and more power than in the other peaks, especially in the final section. You also have to know that when there are good conditions the current is strong to overcome.

El Hueco: Perhaps the most solid tube in the whole area and therefore normally when it´s working, the one that has the most affluence. Be careful with the rocks in the take-off zone.

Lobitos: The most consistent and surfing wave. It is not too demanding and works with all the tides. At high tide, the inside gets deeper and offers a fun final section.

Piscinas: This one is located more to the right, and it takes its name, Piscinas (Spanish for swimming pools), due to the pools on the rocks. You can count on an easy wave, a bit more quickly in the sections nearby the beach. It is much better at low tide. Being further away than the other peaks, Piscinas has a more quiet environment.

The weather in Lobitos is colder than in the northern beaches. A 3 mm wetsuit it will be more than enough. The best season is during the winter, but at any time of the year (even in summer) you can reach good conditions. Lobitos is also a popular destination for kitesurfing.


Cover Picture: @RedBull