Do you want to know a true mystery of the history of Peru? We invite you to travel to the department of Ica where the famous Nazca Lines are located. Peru by Bus brings you a guide to the Nazca Lines.

The Nazca Lines: unravel the mystery

In 1994, Unesco included the Nazca Lines as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. These ancient geoglyphs, which have been described as figures of astronomical significance, are located in the Nazca desert, between the Pampas de Jumana and Palpa.

The Nazca Lines 1

Hundreds of tourists from around the world travel to the Nazca desert to fly over the area and witness the famous figures. Of geometric and zoomorphic shapes, its dimensions extend for 520 km2; some can even cover an area of 800 km2.

Getting to the imposing figures of the Nazca culture, from Lima, takes approximately 7 hours of road trip. The cheapest tickets have a value of S/60. Given the tourist potential of the area, there are several lodging options: the stay per night goes from S/52.


  • The month in which you will make the trip is important. If you travel between June and August (high season), you must schedule the entire itinerary with time.
  • Did you think you could only see the Nazca Lines from the air? If you’re a trekking or hiking lover, this is an excellent opportunity to do your favorite sport and also appreciate one of the most complex archaeological monuments in the history of Peru.

By land

Maybe you fear the heights and flying over the area to see the Nazca Lines is not your option. No problem! There are tours that offer a route of terrestrial excursion that during two hours will walk you through the desert of Nazca.

Through the Panamericana highway, the trip service will take you to meet the mysterious archaeological figures. The most economical payment plan has an estimated cost of $30 per person.

Nazca Lines Monkey

From the metal tower or viewpoint, you can see two of the ancestral figures: the hands and the tree. In addition, geometric lines that cross the desert will also be noticeable. All this is accompanied by a bit of history by the tour guide who escorts you during the tour.

By air

To the south of Peru, where the Nazca Lines are located, an incredible experience awaits you: an aerial tour with a mixture of adrenaline and history. In 35 minutes, a small plane will take you aboard to see figures such as the hummingbird, the monkey, the astronaut or the spider, to mention some of these enigmatic and ancient pieces.

The ticket for this tourist plan is priced at $130. The most important recommendation is not to eat or drink alcoholic beverages before boarding the aircraft, in order to avoid any inconveniences during the flight.

Travelling tips

  • Wear light clothing.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Do not forget your bottle with drinking water.
  • Book in advance mayor services like hotel, travel tickets, etc.
  • Ask your doctor what medicine you can take to avoid dizziness caused by some pirouettes of the pilot.


  • In the year 2017, approximately 92 thousand passengers used the flight services from the airport to discover the Nazca Lines. Similarly, another 36 thousand people hired tours from Ica and Pisco. This was stated by Luis Gamboa, administrator of the Maria Reiche airport in Nazca.

Another marvelous attraction

The Maria Reiche Museum is 425 km from the Panamericana Sur highway. It opens its doors to the public from Monday to Sunday from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. The value of the ticket is S/5.

Nazca Lines Maria Reiche Museum

Maria Reiche was an archaeologist of German-Peruvian origin who since 1946 dedicated her life to the study and research of the Nazca Lines. In honor of her, the humble house where she lived for many years was converted into a museum.

Inside the modest house, you will see all the studies, maps, photos and plans that the scientist made as a result of her constant visits to the desert to study the Nazca Lines. In addition, in the garden of the building rest the remains of Maria, who died in 1998, at the age of 95 years.