Very good weather, magical beaches, sun all year round, perfect waves and delicious cuisine summarize the charm of the best beach in Peru. Peru By Bus brings you a guide for you to decide to opt for Mancora beach vacations options.

Mancora Beach Vacations in Perú

In Mancora, everything revolves around the beach. This beach town in northern Peru is located in Talara, department of Piura. This fantastic place is favored by Peruvian and foreign surfers, as well as beach and sun lovers. It is repeatedly named among the best beaches in Peru.

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Mancora covers the most important beaches of the north coast of Peru. These are ideal for beach tourism with good facilities for all kinds of tastes and pockets. If you’d like to spend your holidays in front of the sea and with good weather all year round, Mancora is one of the most outstanding of the south Pacific coast.

The perfect beach vacations

The beaches of Mancora have white sand with turquoise waters. They have become one of the best places to go on vacation, relax with the family or just hang out with friends and strangers. Ceviche of fresh fish, perfect left waves, sun and cold beer are the words that are repeated daily between local tourists and foreigners from all over the planet, amazed by the hospitality, tranquility and warmth of the north coast of Peru and its people.

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Mancora is often described as “Perfect beaches with magical sunsets” or “incredible vacations by the sea”. Different types of tourists visit mancora: whether demanding families looking to spend an extraordinary vacation, as well as backpackers who are passing through. For travelers in transit crossing the Ecuador-Peru border, Mancora is the perfect place for a total rest.

When is the best time to visit Mancora beach?

Mancora has an eternal summer: permanent sun and high temperatures throughout most of the year. Despite this great conditions, there are seasons that you can take advantage of. These are between May and June, when the number of visitors decreases.

Due to the privileged climate and its closeness to the sea, Mancora is an ideal area for diving and surfing. The sea is of very pleasant temperature (annual average 20 °C) in the summer and much of the winter (especially on the beaches north of Cabo Blanco). The are also exceptional waves for surfing (Hawaiian surfboard) throughout the year, even winds for kitesurfing and windsurfing between the months of May to December.

What to do in Mancora beach?

The northern marine food is one of the most varied of the coast of Peru. There is great marine biodiversity in Mancora thanks to the mixture in front of Cabo Blanco of the cold marine current of Humboldt and the hot Equatorial, ideal for lovers of diving, underwater hunting and fishing. Therefore, visitors are able to enjoy the rich gastronomy of the area, based on delicious seafood such as ceviche prepared with grouper, swordfish and shrimps; as well as tunas, groupers and merlines, among many other fine and fresh fish.

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Punta Sal, Zorritos, Las Pocitas, Vichayito, Los Organos, Cabo Blanco and El Ñuro figure among nearby beaches. The peaceful beach Las Pocitas is a fantastic place to lie in the sun, float in natural pools or walk along its beautiful coastline. Vichayito beach is ideal for scuba diving and kitesurfing.

You can also join a guided expedition to visit the nearby waterfalls and mud baths, swim with turtles or take a ride to explore the beaches and surrounding areas. In the town you can also buy various souvenirs in the commercial area or enjoy the night in the popular bars.

Travel tips: what to bring?

  • Sunscreen to be used during the entire trip.
  • Hats and sunglasses.
  • Windproof clothing (some afternoons get cold and you must always be prepared for the adventure).
  • Several bathing clothes.
  • Light clothing (only the evenings from May to October are a bit colder).
  • Mosquito repellent, in cream or spray.

Submerge in the best beach vacations of your life in Mancora and enjoy exquisite gastronomy, magical beaches and the charm of the local people.