Are you planning a weekend trip? Peru has exotic destinations and beautiful landscapes that are an excellent option for a short trip. On this occasion, Peru by Bus brings you a budget plan so that you can visit the beautiful lagoon of Huacachina.

Discover Huacachina

Huacachina is a small town located at the south of Peru, at 5 km from the city of Ica. It is built around a lovely oasis whose emerald green waters have been featured for years as one of the favorite destinations of nationals and foreigners. This paradisiac place is surrounded by palm trees, eucalyptus, dunes and huarangos, vegetation that provides a beautiful view and also makes this natural landscape the ideal ecosystem for migratory birds.

This natural paradise is a definite must see and a perfect place to rest due to its great natural attraction and the warm weather that lasts all year round. It Is the only oasis in South America, which is why it is projected as the best destination for carrying out sandboarding and other desert activities.

Huacachina 1

Huacachina is located only 4 hours south of Lima, specifically in the department of Ica. You can travel there from Lima by bus, and the tickets cost 45 soles approximately. When you arrive in Ica, you must take a motorcycle taxi that will charge you 10 soles and in just 20 minutes you will arrive at this perfect resting place.

¿Where to stay?

  • Desert Nights Hostel. Located in the city of Huacachina, this place of accommodation offers comfortable and spacious rooms starting from 49 soles. User reviews give the hostel a high score value for the quality of services it offers. It provides free WiFi, private parking, shared kitchen and restaurant service.
  • Wild Olive Guest House. The ideal place if what you want is to enjoy a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This hostel offers a family atmosphere and is located on Boulevard José Peralta Picasso 154, in Ica. The prices of their rooms go from 71 soles and include free WiFi, bar service and restaurant.

¿What to do in Huacachina?

The sunset is the perfect moment to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view offered by the sand dunes of the Huacachina Lagoon just after sundown. Do not forget your camera to capture this amazing moment, which we are sure you will never forget.

Huacachina 2

You must also practice the typical activities of this site, such as sandboarding and buggy rides. There are guides that will instruct travelers in the first one of these sports for 35 soles. Sandboarding consists in sliding on a board (like snowboarding), over the giant humps of the sandboxes or dunes. The buggy rides (or tubulars) are excentric vehicles that for an hour –and for a price between 30 to 50 soles– will give you an unforgettable tour at high speed through the sand dunes.

Travelling tips

If you feel like practicing sandboarding, do not forget to protect your integrity. You must consider the following recommendations:

  • Ask your guide to put enough wax on the board.
  • If you are going to slide with the support of your chest, protect your arms and elbows.
  • If you are going to slide vertically, you must descend in a diagonal way.

When you visit tourist sites, the guarantee of enjoying your vacation is your capacity for organization. Do not forget to plan the rest of your days in time and ensure a successful and enjoyable trip.