Hello travelers! Today Peru by bus will take you on a virtual tour through the cheerful northern city of Chiclayo.

Chiclayo City Guide

Chiclayo is 700 km north of Lima and 29 meters above sea level, so there are no problems of acclimatization. The capital of the department of Lambayeque, has won the name “The City of Friendship” because of the warmth and kindness of its people.

Chiclayo offers a wide variety of archaeological remains and museums, inherited from a millenary historical past of Peru. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages, Chiclayo sunny, and warm climate stands out. For archaeology lovers who are planning trips to Peru, this city is an ideal addition to any travel itinerary.

Ready to explore?

Chiclayo: The Heroic City

The city was founded in 1560 and named Santa Maria Valley Chiclayo. During the colonial period, Chiclayo was a simple rural village of Indians and mestizos.

Chiclayo Hotel Royal

At the time of the Independence Era, Chiclayo provided with men, weapons, horses and other resources. The town is known as the Heroic City in recognition of services rendered by the citizens of Chiclayo to the peruvian independence.

Until the 19th century, Chiclayo remained a small town in comparison to the nearby city of Lambayeque. However, Chiclayo has grown and is now a large commercial hub and the second largest city in northern Peru.

Chiclayo Architecture

The industrial and agricultural activities are very important, emphasizing the production of sugarcane, fruit trees, rice, and cotton. Curiosity fact: Chiclayo produces 20% of the total domestic production of rice. Today, the town is also a strategic point in the center of various north-eastern road connections in Peru.

When is the best time to visit Chiclayo?

There is no best or worst season to visit Chiclayo, although it can be uncomfortably hot during the days from mid-December through mid-April.

Do you want your stay to be different from any other? Take advantage and be part of Chiclayo´s best festivities. Here are some suggestions so you can plan your arrival on any of these dates:

Holy Week: In the Holy Week, processions, religious ceremonies, festivals and other cultural events take place. The festivities can last up to eight days.

Anniversary of Chiclayo’s Foundation (April 18): On this special day, a great variety of gastronomic and social activities that represent Chiclayo´s unique identity are carried out.

National Holidays (July 28): On these dates, military events and parades are held all over the main streets. Local and international artists are invited to perform folklore, Creole, and Andean shows.

What to see in and around Chiclayo?

1. Chiclayo’s City Centre

Cathedral of Chiclayo

At the very heart of the city lies the Plaza de Armas, Chiclayo’s attractive main square. In this part of the city, colonial architecture mixes with modern cafes and great quality restaurants. Gustav Eiffel, the responsible for the Eiffel Tower construction, designed the Chiclayo Cathedral in 1868. The impressive neoclassical cathedral is well worth a look.

2. Mercado Modelo de Chiclayo:

Chiclayo Mercado Modelo
Photo: @Peru21.pe

The main market of Chiclayo is one of the most interesting markets in Peru. On a stroll through the market, you can find everything from food to healing charms, hats, and woven straw baskets. Mercado Modelo is a one-stop shop for medicine. Whale bones, amulets, snake skins, hallucinogenic cacti and piles of aromatic herbs? You can find it all here.

If you are in Chiclayo, do not miss these other tourist attractions around the city:

3. Chiclayo’s archaeological heritage:

Chiclayo has the good fortune of being in the center of a vast archaeological area. The city cultural richness is highlighted by many archaeological discoveries. The Lord of Sipan in Huaca Rajada, the Lord of Sican in Batan Grande and the Pyramids of Tucume are just some among them. The spectacular Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán houses one of the country’s most remarkable and invaluable collection of the past several decades: the tomb of the Lord of Sipan.

Chiclayo Lord of Sipan
Photo: @Peru21

Ventarron is another archeological complex worth seeing close to Chiclayo. The site is still under excavation, so you can see archeologists at work. The restoration works are actually one of the best attractions on this site. In this 4500 years old temple you´ll have the opportunity to see ancient ceramic pots, old murals, and other past pieces of evidence.

4. Pimentel Beach:

Are you dreaming of beach, sun, and sand days? Playa Pimentel is a mandatory stop for beach lovers. This beach is 11km away from Chiclayo. It is a great place all year long due to its balanced annual temperature. Enjoy the tasty restaurants, bars, and water sports this beach offers. Relax in a hammock and enjoy a warm day and incredible sunset.

Chiclayo Playa Pimentel

Do not leave Chiclayo without tasting the city notorious gastronomy. The duck rice, dry goat, and chirimpico are just some of the local food delights that are waiting for you!

Chiclayo features a geographic mix of coastline, mountain highlands, and ancient archaeological treasures. Prepare to enjoy it!