If you still haven’t been to Machu Picchu, now’s the time! The ancient site has also recently been deemed “endangered” by UNESCO, which means you should get in while you can. Planning a trip to this wonder can be stressful. The logistics and high-demand of this tour require advance booking and a bit of planning. To help you, Peru by Bus put together all you need to know to book your trip to Machu Picchu.

Read before you book your trip to Machu Picchu!

1. Choose the best time to go

Intihuatana Machu Picchu

The ruin itself is opened all year round. During the dry season (May to September), the weather is sunny with blue skies, but the crowds are heavier. If you choose to go in the wet season (October to April), Machu Picchu will be less crowded. It is also possible to hit a misty day where you won’t be able to appreciate the full splendor of the city.

Depending on the season, bring appropriate clothing and enjoy. Of all the weekdays to visit the ancient city, try to avoid Sundays (entries are free for the locals and there are thousands of Cusco residents visiting).

2. The tickets rate is heavily regulated

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Machu Picchu is Peru’s major attraction, and the country pretends to rigorously maintain their archaeological treasure to ensure its pristine appearance. The amount of visitors allowed in is heavily regulated, and these slots fill up very fast. 2,500 visitors are allowed into the site each day. The entrance times are also split into 2 schedules:  morning (from 6 AM-12 PM) and afternoon (12 PM – 5.30 PM).

 3. Select which sites you want to visit

As mentioned, the slots for Machu Picchu do sell out, so be sure you buy the ticket as early as possible. This must be done before arrival at the site, as tickets are not sold at Machu Picchu itself. There are several tickets types:

Machu Picchu Main Ticket

The 2018 adult fee is $47 USD (152 Soles). This provides entry to Machu Picchu – including the main ruins, terraces, and temples that you see in typical photos. It does not provide entry to climb either of the mountain peaks.

Machu Picchu & Machu Picchu Mountain Ticket

The adult price is $62 USD (200 Soles). With this option, you´ll be able to climb the taller mountain, Montaña Machu Picchu, which is 3,082 m high and provides a great view of the ruins. This mountain is generally less busy, with no ruins and a long climb. You must choose between 2-time slots to climb, either 7-8AM or 9-10AM.

Machu Picchu & Huayna Picchu Ticket

Huayna Picchu Machu Picchu
Huayna Picchu

The rate is $62 USD (200 Soles). This provides entry to the shorter, busier mountain peak, Huayna Picchu (2,720m). Here you’ll have sweeping views and entry to the Temple of the Sun and ruins at the top. You must choose between 2-time slots to climb, 7-8AM or 10-11AM. They only allow 400 entrants to Huayna Picchu each day.

4. Where can you purchase the tickets?

You can buy it online, in person in Cusco or Aguas Calientes, or in any major Peruvian City. Here goes a short explanation:

Go to the Ministry of Culture website

Be patient as the website can take a little while to load. Select which Machu Picchu sites you want to visit, choose your date and the number of tickets needed. Enter your personal information, finalize the order, pay the tickets, save and print it.

How to buy Machu Picchu tickets from Cusco or Aguas Calientes?

In Cusco, tickets can be bought at the Ministry of Culture which is open Mon-Sat, 7AM-8PM. It is located in a few minutes walking from Plaza de Armas. Do not forget to bring your passport.

In Aguas Calientes, tickets can be bought at the Machu Picchu Cultural Centre.

How to buy Machu Picchu tickets from Lima (or any major city in Peru)?

Follow the previous online reserving instructions and then make a payment in person at any Banco de la Nacíon in Peru with your reservation printed out. You will need to speak a bit of Spanish to explain what you want to do.

Important changes about visits to Machu Picchu

There is another change you should consider in Machu Picchu if you plan to visit in 2018. Many objects are no longer allowed.Aalso, now it is mandatory to enter with a guide. If they find you wandering around Machu Picchu on your own, you will be asked to leave.

Machu Picchu

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need to present the printed Machu Picchu ticket and the original document with which you made the reservation, so do not make the mistake of forgetting it at the Hotel!


The new rules also forbid re-entrance to Machu Picchu. This means that once you enter you won’t be able to return if you leave. Of course, there is a stipulation for this new rule, which allows re-entrance for special reasons.

We hope you found this Machu Picchu ticket guide useful!