Do not waste a minute this summer. Prepare your backpack with your best swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat, because PeruByBus brings you a list of the 10 best beaches in Peru that you cannot miss this summer season.

The Best Beaches in Peru


Beaches in Peru

At 187 km from the city of Piura is Mancora, a seaside resort and, in turn, fishermen’s cove, which has become the favorite of national and foreign surfers for its potential waves and its crystal blue waters. It is also the perfect destination for diving activities.

Located 18 hours away by road from Lima, Mancora can be accessed through the Highway Panamericana Norte, since buses and tourist vehicles are available to take you directly to your destination.

Punta Sal

Beaches in Peru

Are you looking for a place where the sun shines all year? Punta Sal is the right destination for you. This beach with warm waters is 80 km from the city of Tumbes. It is an ideal location to connect with nature and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are many tour operators that can drive you around the beautiful city of Punta Sal. Once there, you can dive among its fascinating reefs and taste its exquisite cuisine in the nearby restaurants.


Beaches in Peru

This seaside town with tremendous history is part of the Metropolitan Area of Trujillo. Huanchaco is a world reference because every year the “World Longboard” is held, an international surf competition that takes place every summer.

Huanchaco is a mandatory stop for tourists who come to Trujillo because it is part of the so-called “Moche Tour”. People say that in this town the Mochicas gave rise to the ceviche, the flag dish of Peru, and built the Caballitos de Totora, a boat characteristic of the Moche culture that was used for fishing and is one of the earliest known surf artifacts.

Cerro Azul

Beaches in Peru

131 km from Lima, in the province of Cañete, the seaside town of Cerro Azul is located, which has more than five beaches that offer the best waves for surfing. It is a wonderful place from where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets at the famous Cerro Azul pier, which dates back to 1924.

To get to this spa, it is necessary to take the Highway Panamericana Sur, until the km 131 and then deviate one kilometer to the beach. In Cerro Azul, several table sports competitions have been developed, such as the 2012 Cerro Azul Surf-Camp, an event that focused on surfing and canoeing.

Punta Coles

Beaches in Peru

For those who love going to the beach to contemplate the splendid view, in Ilo is a place called Punta Coles, a rocky beach with cliffs, where you can see penguins, “piqueros”, gulls, bats, otters and sea lions coexisting in perfect harmony, among other species.

This beach is located 7 km southeast of the city of Ilo. Given the large number of species of terrestrial and marine auna, it was protected in 2009 by the Law of the National Reserve Systems of Islands, Islets and Punta Guarenas, to conserve the biological diversity that inhabits there.


Beaches in Peru

One of the largest beaches in Peru along the coast, Colan is located inside the province of Paita, 72 km from the city of Piura. If this place is targeted among your holiday destinations, you should know that the resort has a good hotel infrastructure and restaurants, to meet the requirements of tourists.

Punta Hermosa

Beaches in Peru
Photo: Flickr de Mi Peru

Punta Hermosa is a district of Lima, located between kilometers 42 and 46 of the Antigua Panamericana Sur, and is one of the places preferred by sea lovers because of its fantastic beaches.

Playa Blanca, Playa Caballero, Playa Central, El Silencio, Kon Tiki, La Isla, Playa Norte and Señoritas are some of the Punta Hermosa beaches that are known as “the 4 kilometers of gold” because in its coastline there are 12 breakers that are among the best and most varied waves of the coast of Lima and among the best in Peru and the world.

Puerto Chicama

Beaches in Peru

This place is also known as Malabrigo and is located on the north coast of the country, in the Department of La Libertad. Surfers consider it the “surf paradise” because it has the longest left wave in the world, known as “chicamera wave”.

From Trujillo, you can take a bus that drives you to Malabrigo, which is more than 70 km away. Remember that the transport leaves from the Casineli Museum and you must only take the ones with the direction of Chicama, Paijan or Ascope.

Punta Camaron

Within the circuit of Zorritos beaches, one of the most popular circuit of beaches in Peru, in Tumbes, is Punta Camaron, a resort whose waters remain warm all year round and which has fine golden colored sand and a beautiful crystalline sea. In Punta Camaron you can breathe fresh air and enjoy a few days of relaxation in any of the different accommodations that are in place.


Beaches in Peru

It is impossible to choose the best beach in Peru, because they all have attributes that make them fantastic sea destinations. However, in our ranking, we cannot leave out Pimentel Beach, a resort located 20 minutes from Chiclayo and that is proven as the best option to enjoy with family and friends these summer days.

These are just 10 of the beaches in Peru. There are many many more, so hop on a bus and explore the whole country! in Peru,Peru,Peru by busDo not waste a minute this summer. Prepare your backpack with your best swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat, because PeruByBus brings you a list of the 10 best beaches in Peru that you cannot miss this summer season. The Best Beaches in Peru Mancora At 187 km from the city of Piura...How to travel in Peru by Bus