Piura is the favorite destination of surfers around the world for its magnificent beaches. It is also the perfect place to disconnect from the capital’s bustle. Here Peru By Bus brings you a guide for travelling from lima to piura by bus.

Lima to Piura by Bus

Are you in Lima and are planning to travel to the City of the Eternal Sun? From Lima to Piura, a road trip of approximately 980 kilometers awaits you, which translates into 19 hours of travel. Depending on your travel date and the transportation line you choose, ticket prices can vary between S/50 and S/160. These are the most reliable transportation companies.


Ever since 1953, this transport company strives to provide its users with quality service and comfort on board their units. Today they have the most modern bus fleet in Peru that covers 30 routes nationwide, being one of them Piura.

To travel to Piura in a TEPSA bus is to experience a service where the premise is based on efficiency, quality, dedication, security and punctuality. The price of a travel ticket is S/95; however, if you are a frequent passenger, you can consult in any agency for the benefits and discounts offered or pay attention to the special promotions.

Lima to Piura by Bus Mancora Beach

TEPSA has state-of-the-art buses where the user can choose between the following services: Presidential, Presidential Bed and Tepsa Bed Suite. In addition, each of the mobile units has controlled speed, GPS control and the expertise of professional pilots.

Their units are designed under high quality standards to provide passenger comfort and safety. Among the services you can find on the TEPSA buses are free Wi-Fi, seats of 3 or 4 rows, food on board, individual hearing aids, library on board, air conditioning and heating, 145° and 160° reclining seats, TV and music, and chargers for electronic devices.


For S/50 you can get a ticket to travel to Piura in any of the CIVA units. This company, established since 1945, has the most innovative buses in America. Its mission? That users have an unforgettable travel experience on board their transport units.

CIVA tours around Peru, encompassing destinations such as: Amazonas, Arequipa, Cusco, Lambayeque, Cajamarca, Ayacucho, Madre de Dios, Puno, San Martín, Tacna, Tumbes, Apurímac, among many others.

The company offers services designed for all types of travelers. If your option is to board the ECONOCIVA buses, they have seats that recline at 140°, DVD and 1 sanitary service. On the other hand, if you choose SUPERCIVA, you will have seats that recline at 160° and 140°, attention on board, refreshments, air conditioning or heating, DVD and 2 bathrooms.

Finally, you also have the opportunity to travel on the EXCLUCIVA buses, that offer you the best comfort during your road trip. Reclining seats at 180° and 160°, personal TV, thermal blankets, reading material, free Wi-Fi, refreshments and on-board service are some of the services provided.

Transporte Sol Peruano (TSP)

Under the premise of offering a safe, efficient and reliable service, the company Transporte Sol Peruano has buses with semi beds and ergonomic chairs that recline at 145° and 160°, TV and video, bathrooms and satellite monitoring system. They guarantee your complete safety and comfort during the trip.

In Lima, the company has its office in the Gran Terminal Plaza Norte. The travel tickets from Lima to Piura cost S/100 and the journey last 17 hours approximately.

Piura of many charms

Due to its great diversity of attractions, stunning landscapes and friendly inhabitants, Piura is called by many other names, such as the City of:

  • Hospitality, for its people and the kindness with which they receive visitors.
  • Eternal Sun, for its warm climate, which is maintained throughout the year.
  • Museums, due to the variety of galleries of history, religious art, illustrious personages and pieces of the pre-Columbian era, which are part of the heritage of the city and, particularly, of the Vicús civilization.
  • Carob Trees, due to the characteristic and numerous carob trees that embellish and turn green the tropical dry forests during the rainy season.

Travelling tips

  • Bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated during your stay in Piura, since its hot, dry climate and high temperature can cause dehydration.
  • Pack light clothing, sun block, hat or cap and sunglasses.
  • Bring cash money to mobilize without problems in taxis or mototaxis.
  • Do not contaminate the natural environments visited with wrappers and non-returnable plastic bottles.
  • If you travel to Piura, remember to visit these five beaches to have a relaxing and unforgettable experience: Máncora, Colán, Los Órganos, Vichayito and Las Pocitas. With a great natural beauty characterized for their splendid palm trees, its waters are calm and ideal for scuba diving, surfing or kite surfing.