Cusco is known as the “historical capital” of Peru, and one of the must see peruvian destinations. Peru by Bus brings you a guide for travelling from Lima to Cusco by bus. These are the companies which we recommend for you to embark on a journey full of comfort!

Lima to Cusco by Bus

On December 9, 1983, Unesco granted Cusco the honorary title of Cultural Patrimony of Humanity due to its historical and architectural legacy. Are you planning to travel to Cusco? Here are the best companies for the trip.

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Lima to Cusco with CIVA

For more than 45 years, the land transport company CIVA has offered its users a transfer service under the highest standards of quality, safety and comfort. It is a company committed to innovation. They offer differentiated services so you can choose which one suits your budget

The prices of travel tickets from Lima to Cusco vary depending on the type of service contracted. Users have the opportunity to choose between:


When opting for a trip aboard the EXCLUCIVA units, the prices of tickets from Lima to Cusco vary between S/140 and S/160. The service of these buses includes: reclining leather seats at an angle of 160° (first floor) and 180° (second floor), breakfast or dinner on board, free WIFI, air conditioning, 1 bathroom, individual TV screen, GPS and attention on board that will guarantee the best travel experience during the 22 hours of travel.


For a price that oscillates between S/90 and S/110, you will travel from Lima to Cusco aboard units that offer: economical reclining seats at 145° (second floor) and 160° (first floor), 2 bathrooms (for ladies and gentlemen), musical environment, collective TV screen, air conditioning, GPS, on board attention and refreshments.


Thinking about the needs of each client, in 2012 the company CIVA surprised all its users with the ECONOCIVA bus line, an excellent travel alternative for those who vacation on a budget. These units, also characterized by the comfort of their units, offer travelers reclining seats at 140°, music, television, reading lights, GPS security system and 1 bathroom. The price of their tickets go from S/70.

Lima to Cusco with Tepsa

Traveling to Cusco in a TEPSA bus is a guarantee of safety and comfort. On board the modern transport units of TEPSA, your trip from Lima to Cusco will be in the hands of highly trained pilots. What services does this transport company offer? You can start your journey to Cusco aboard TEPSA’s latest generation buses and choose between:

  • Presidential service

The trip Lima-Cusco goes from S/110 and includes semi-bed seats that recline at 145°, 4 rows of seats, air conditioning and/or heating, personalized attention on board, personal headphones, music and TV, refreshments, security control with GPS, toilet services, WiFi, a kit traveler and library on board, the product of an alliance between TEPSA and Grupo Santillana.

  • Bed presidential service

Unlike the presidential service, these units have 160° reclining seats and receptacles for charging electronic devices. Through its web portal you can check the availability and prices of travel tickets.

  • Tepsa Bed Suite

It is the premium service of TEPSA. This modality features a fleet of 8 buses whose internal distribution has three rows of seats; in addition to the usual services such as WiFi, air conditioning, heating, electrical outlets, bathroom, among others. They also have 10 reclining 160° leather seats and 26 seats with the same recline angle to ensure a comfortable ride.

Tepsa Bed Suite has a new entertainment service called Tepsa Diver, that you can install on your cell phone so that you can enter the bus’s exclusive online system and download movies, music, games and more. The cheapest ticket price in this range of service is S/115.

Lima to Cusco by Movil Tours

Movil Tours is a transport company that has been growing consecutively for 28 years. Your trip from Lima to Cusco with Movil Tours can range between S/110 and S/145.

In its different categories of services: Premier, Presidential, Vip Executive (Movil Bus), Vip Executive (Movil Tours) and Economic, this transport agency offers its users modern units with ergonomic seats and reclining up to 160°, music and TV, speed controlled under GPS system, chemical bath, air conditioning, WiFi, on board service, among many others.


  • Cusco is a very requested destination. Make a hotel reservation in advance, and buy bus and entrance tickets to the most important places, such as Machu Picchu, before arriving to the city.
  • Cusco is located at 3399 m.a.s.l. Do not forget your pills to avoid the altitude sickness.
  • Plan your travel itinerary well so you can travel all over Cusco.
  • Your trip can be more expensive or cheaper depending on the season you visit Cusco. During the high season (June-August), prices increase. Book in advance or travel in low season.